Dopamine rush when you complete the tasks that you’ve setup for yourself for that day is amazing. Going slowly is not that bad. Living a life of a minimalist means that you aren’t in a rush to pass by your life, without living it. Obviously it isn’t good either not to move at all, but I am in that phase where I am taking things slowly, and still getting where I want to get.

Going slowly is not the problem, as long as you don’t stop! And that is the beauty of blogging and writing. This is the never ending process of me perfecting the fine craft of word smithing, and creating great books, articles, magazines, influencing the minds of the people.

Reading and writing are directly connected. Enriching your mind with good and encouraging words. This should be everyones top priority. But especially for a writer that is smithing words into masterpieces that enrich the lives of people.

And these fine crafts of word smithing take time, relaxation and clean mind. As a writer I am learning the value of having the peace, and knowing how to protect it. There is no trade without it…