These people come to Trump rallies, and than frame how Trump is violent. Let’s just put it this way, this racial hatred is absolutely two way street, one that was set up by democrats, who bought black votes through welfare, for countless election cycles.
Not to mention that I faced near violent escalations when I protested on Sanders events. That is one hateful mob of thugs and people that don’t have any decency.
What was surprising is that Trump speaks to minorities as well. Everyone deserves jobs. And that was evident today.
If you flaunt around KKK robes in front of minorities that faced prosecution from them, than why do you act surprised that you got sucker punched by a minority? I mean seriously. Just because you guys say someone is racist, doesn’t mean that all minority will share your opinion. And they will put you to your place when you do stupid inflammatory things.
I hope that law treats him kindly, and that guy shouldn’t even bother pressing chargers.
Check out the video here: