The Twitter Statistics Don't Lie

For the time being Twitter is bringing in the most traffic for this blog, for the least amount of effort. There is literally no difference in writing a blog post and publishing, as process is automated. The only thing I am paying attention to is that titles are optimized as tweets, and occasionally have a … Continued

Why Twitter presence is not important for your SEO manager

While I was working in First Beat Media I was connected with some impressive SEO managers. None of them were on Twitter. And when I saw Jenny’s tweet where she states she would prefer an SEO with Twitter presence, made me chuckle. Best SEO’s I know, didn’t spend a minute on Twitter, or any other … Continued

Thoughts on Twitter and it's alternatives

So tons of people on Twitter started using Twitter in order to spread more whines about Twitter… Twitter came to a point where it’s commercial status started to grow rapidly. iOS pushed Twitter to a new level This is what I find really interesting. Twitter became integral part of my iOS experience and as such, … Continued