Perception, Thoughts & Reality

Perception is everything, and numerous things in life are happening simply because people believed that what they thought was real was actually real. Belief and reality have a strong correlation, as often times our beliefs manifest themselves into the reality. You could say that reality has a belief bias, making our thoughts come true, based … Continued

Thoughts on Thinking, Health and Fullfilness

Writing as a mind clearing excersise and a habit. It is not the life, if I don’t have an opportunity to express my thoughts. It is driven by the thought: “Cogito Ergo Sum”. Rene Decart – French philosopher. Without thinking, we are nothing. Our minds need to be as sharp as we can get them. … Continued

Dreams, goals and roles – where do you see yourself?

It is raining outside, and I have a mellow high artistic environment, with a spice of depressed thoughts. Depression is quite stimulating environment for writing, my best pieces came out through angry and bitter moods that made me critical as well as satirical, with an added dose of humor. Spicy, humorous and rebellious, but long … Continued