The Context of Internet and why I have privacy related issues

For a while I’ve been an advocate of internet privacy, and I was trying to realize am I a crazy paranoid that is freaking out for no reason? Because when I talk about importance of online privacy people look at me like a ku-ku. The origins of this thinking When I got my first computer … Continued

My Comments on Sergey Brin Interview for the Guardian

In recent announcements I noticed that Google started ranting on Apple and Facebook. On one hand, you already know that I love Apple, on the other hand I really don’t like Facebook. But there is a moment, where “holy” Google gets it wrong. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are characterizing that web should be open. … Continued

Decluttering my work environment…

I am down to three devices instead of four. Sold my desktop and monitor. I had problems with thunderbolt port and compatibility with Samsung monitor. Seems like Apple ans Samsung are not going hand in hand even in that departement! So I didnt feel overly bad about it.  I am wondering does it have any … Continued