Why Facebook Apps Fail The Geek Crowd And Why Paper Is A Non-Starter

I was wrapping my head around the fact, why I don’t use Facebook apps on my iOS. The more I was thinking about it, the more clear it became. Facebook default apps are a pain, as they have a full grip over the user experience, and don’t integrate well with the third party apps on … Continued

The Twitter Statistics Don't Lie

For the time being Twitter is bringing in the most traffic for this blog, for the least amount of effort. There is literally no difference in writing a blog post and publishing, as process is automated. The only thing I am paying attention to is that titles are optimized as tweets, and occasionally have a … Continued

Write up: How much does social media really cost?

This usually happens after a heated Board meeting where it is decided that their nonprofit should be “doing social media.” Then, an already over-extended individual is suddenly charged with getting 1000 Facebook fans, 5000 Twitter followers and 10000 new email signups, practically overnight. This person might already be a volunteer, or may be part-time, struggling … Continued

Impressive lessons from blogging with @bywordapp and iPhone

Ditching social media as my main channel of communication made me streamline my writing efforts. Now when I want to say something, I make sure to put the whole message across, instead of doing it half-ass, in a single 140 character effort Social media is filled with instant-gratification Blogging on the other hand requires more … Continued

Creating versus consuming

When living income is coming from the internet, the main sticking point that is preventing you from making ends meet is the fact that you are consuming way more than you are creating. Wether you are blogging, writing or doing social media, the biggest problems are distraction and irrelevancy. I know myself, I’ve spent way … Continued

Feature suggestion for @buffer

The feature I would really love Buffer to incorporate is to allow bloggers to schedule content in a retard friendly way. In a sense of queuing up your articles in WordPress, in a similar fashion that they are doing now with social networks. Am I the only one with a feature request like this one? … Continued

Updating WordPress via Hootsuite…

Wow, this might be the big reason why I might completely keep Hootsuite Premium. This lets me streamline all my social media efforts in one place. Speechless. This didn’t used to work before. Seems it does now…

Why Twitter presence is not important for your SEO manager

While I was working in First Beat Media I was connected with some impressive SEO managers. None of them were on Twitter. And when I saw Jenny’s tweet where she states she would prefer an SEO with Twitter presence, made me chuckle. Best SEO’s I know, didn’t spend a minute on Twitter, or any other … Continued

Quitting Facebook and handpicking competitors

I am not sure wether you’ve noticed it, or not. But Facebook has been driving less and less traffic to my blogs. What used to be obnoxious amount of vitis, shrink to a point of non-importance. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook still drives traffic to my website, it’s just shrunk in comparison what it used … Continued

Google +, Authorship and SEO

Google + and authorship integration is a pretty big deal for your SEO. Not only it helps you raise awarness in search results, as an early adopter, it is also helping your branding. Now that I’ve got all of these Tumblr blogs, I gotta find a way to include Google + authorship into this part … Continued