Write up: How much does social media really cost?

This usually happens after a heated Board meeting where it is decided that their nonprofit should be “doing social media.” Then, an already over-extended individual is suddenly charged with getting 1000 Facebook fans, 5000 Twitter followers and 10000 new email signups, practically overnight. This person might already be a volunteer, or may be part-time, struggling … Continued

Why Twitter presence is not important for your SEO manager

While I was working in First Beat Media I was connected with some impressive SEO managers. None of them were on Twitter. And when I saw Jenny’s tweet where she states she would prefer an SEO with Twitter presence, made me chuckle. Best SEO’s I know, didn’t spend a minute on Twitter, or any other … Continued

The never ending battle of: Short posts vs long posts

As an SEO and internet marketing professional I should be a nazi when it comes down to the length of articles. But as an artist only thing that is important to me, is making my piece. Who gives a damn about Google on personal blog? When I write on my very own personal blog, I … Continued

Quitting Facebook and handpicking competitors

I am not sure wether you’ve noticed it, or not. But Facebook has been driving less and less traffic to my blogs. What used to be obnoxious amount of vitis, shrink to a point of non-importance. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook still drives traffic to my website, it’s just shrunk in comparison what it used … Continued

Google +, Authorship and SEO

Google + and authorship integration is a pretty big deal for your SEO. Not only it helps you raise awarness in search results, as an early adopter, it is also helping your branding. Now that I’ve got all of these Tumblr blogs, I gotta find a way to include Google + authorship into this part … Continued

Post Frequency: SEO vs. Social Media

Shorter posts are easier to write, and in return, you will be able to publish more frequently. On the other hand longer posts provide more value. We’ve seen countless short form blog posts, as the likes of Seth Godin and Gruber from Daring Fireball. Now my thoughts are streamlined towards the visibility in the social … Continued

Why I Consider Unethical Back Linking A Complete Waste Of Time

I’ve just finished reading an article from Yoast, one of the best WordPress SEO experts out there. This blog is using their awesome plugin WordPress SEO By Yoast. In this article he is talking about ethics of SEO. While I can agree to an extent that black hat SEO is hurting our industry in general, … Continued