My Office Desk – Tech-Douchebag Style

Pretty happy with my work setup ! #workingenvironment #productivity

How to easily follow 50 productivity blogs at the same time

So I’ve “cluttered” my RSS with a lot of blogs… I am pretty determined that I won’t be reading them all, but RSS is now effectively becoming my number 1 social network. Everything else is designed in order to ease the access of communication with readership. Created folder called “Productivity” and added all the people … Continued

Checking up on Productivity blogs from @Zenhabits list and found out that a lot of them are already dead

Trying to see all the blogs that are Darren and mine competitors, only to realize that most of them are already dead. They had some serious awesome content along the way, and I used to be afraid of them, and now they are gone. Blogging, like fitness, is all about persistence. And persistence in blogging, … Continued

Procrastinating on the things that need to be done

Did you ever do that? You know absolutely that certain something is good for you, yet you can’t seem to get yourself around that. You, just can’t do it. I literally don’t understand that about myself. You are going to be rewarded by doing that specific thing, almost instantaneously, yet you can’t focus your mind … Continued