Dreams, goals and roles – where do you see yourself?

It is raining outside, and I have a mellow high artistic environment, with a spice of depressed thoughts. Depression is quite stimulating environment for writing, my best pieces came out through angry and bitter moods that made me critical as well as satirical, with an added dose of humor. Spicy, humorous and rebellious, but long … Continued

Ditching the social networks

I am not going to publish any more social media statuses, unless they are links to my blog. There is no sense in creating content for platforms where you don’t excert any sort of control of what you’ve created.

Revival of BojanDjordjevic.com…

I want to make this blog different. And I want to bend all the blogging rules that I am accustomed to and that I live by while writing for Alpha Efficiency. First of all, what is going to be the subject of this blog? Subject is MARKETING. I want to talk about marketing in all … Continued