The Halls Of Timelessness

Taken in #Paris, little church on Mon Martr

Le Louvr Pyramid

L'Arc De Triomphe

Driving around it is a test of your driving skills in Paris. It is tense, and no mistakes allowed. Both parties pay the fines in the occurrence of the accident.

One Building That Needs Zero Introduction…

The lightning on Eiffel tower is spectacular. This was the last night before departure back to Chicago. Got sick, and my ears dropped off from the low temperature. But took great great shots!

Porte De Noter Dame [photography]

Gothic and I like the lighting on this one. #Paris #discoverpressgram

Reflecting The Revolutions

Made photos for ages…

Where My Heart Came To Life

Sacre Couer – A Decade Ago On This Place The Biggest Of Dreams Started To Unfold

Parisian November Day

The Sky Felt Like It Had A Filter

At the back of Parisian Opera #discoverpressgram #paris

Is There A Moon In Your Window? Is Madness Laughing?

I get weird when the moon is becoming full… #discoverpressgram