Nostalgic Moments And Old School Serbian Underground Performers

No matter how much I hate flash, I need to download it… Found a song that I uploaded on youtube 3 years ago… And realized that I don’t have it in my iTunes library. You can’t “Spotify it” nor buy it on iTunes… Time to “Jaksta it”. The mentioned song is one of my all … Continued

The right version of song that really gets me excited… Zedd feat. Foxes – Clarity (Andrew Rayel Remix) (Armin van Buuren – Live @ ASOT 600 Miami)


The Next Logical Step In The Evolution Of Auditory Art

Listening to music can be distracting for writers sometimes, but I don’t believe I could make it without music. I am not sure what music does to our brains, but it is certainly spectacular. The closest resemblance to what happens would be a Christmas tree lightning up in my head. Every neuron dances, like it’s … Continued

Anchored emotions surfacing to the top

The music holds a lot of powerful energy that is cumulating within our minds, shapes our memories, amplifies feelings and influences our mood. Beside writing Music is the most important art in my life. I believe I could go on without writing, but never without music. Not sure about you, my valued reader, but when … Continued

How Electroclash "tainted me" 12 years ago, and defined my taste in music…

Miss Kittin and Felix The Housecat were one of the first performers that got me engaged in electronic music. Ever since I’ve heard the Madame Hollywood from Miss Kittin, I’ve been lured and seduced into the sounds of Electro. It has not been up till when I was 17 that I fully embraced this kind … Continued

Blogsy and WordPress,do they play well together?

Testing it out, along with some weird Gothic music, that I used to love. There is true art in sadness! I only vaguely remember my infrequent, but strong adolescent depressions. I used to connect with some really strange people… Posted with Blogsy