Write up: How much does social media really cost?

This usually happens after a heated Board meeting where it is decided that their nonprofit should be “doing social media.” Then, an already over-extended individual is suddenly charged with getting 1000 Facebook fans, 5000 Twitter followers and 10000 new email signups, practically overnight. This person might already be a volunteer, or may be part-time, struggling … Continued

Forget The Valuable Free Stuff In The Future

The way bloggers operate feels like a charity organization, they write blog posts for free, and never once consider the option of monetizing the content they produce. I was a part of this category, as I was always passionately waiting to expand my audience enough, in order to “allow myself” to monetize. Forget that in … Continued

Empathy Manifesto: Providing Value For Profit

Getting the money for value provided, while remaining competitive, keeping low overhead, and consistently delivering what your clients or customers want and need. That is the foundation of good business, and right now I am thinking of the needs at which I am playing my entrepreneurial game. Existing and artificial markets Existing markets are proven … Continued