Mobile publishing and bringing your blog to a next level

Starting to treat my blog as a personal social network. Something I excerpt a lot of control over, unlike asocial networks, where I have 0 control. What made it doable Pressgram Perhaps it’s finally doable, unlike before. I am having high hopes on Pressgram, that will turn my WordPress website into Instagram-like photo sharing website. … Continued

iPhone Publishing Possible?

Publishing from iPhone to WordPress was always a painful endavour. I previously wrote about dedicated workflow for markdown publishing with @draftsapp and @posterapp but I never got to really use it. What has changed? Now I am on iPhone 5, have a slightly bigger screen, double the RAM and double the CPU’s. And I want … Continued

So long Android, hello iPhone

I didn’t tend to this blog for a while and have just read my last post, and laughed a bit. I was thinking I would stick to my old Samsung Galaxy S! Boy I am happy that I was wrong! Because this phone is soo much better. I can’t seem to comperhend people who don’t … Continued