Facebook and the death of Edge Rank

Just reading an article on the death of the so called Facebook’s “Edge Rank”. Article has a lot of industry insights, but I have one funny observation regarding the Facebook statement. In other words, the News Feed algorithm of today is much more sophisticated than just a couple years ago. Yes, it’s that much more … Continued

What Does Facebook Algorithm means for you and your business?

Edge rank started penalizing negative engagement factors and in return started removing posts that people react negatively to. This creates reality bubble It is crowdsourced form of censorship. Effects of this edge rank change can be fatal to businesses, but also creates artificial bubble reality for the users, where the only thing they will ever … Continued

Quitting Facebook and handpicking competitors

I am not sure wether you’ve noticed it, or not. But Facebook has been driving less and less traffic to my blogs. What used to be obnoxious amount of vitis, shrink to a point of non-importance. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook still drives traffic to my website, it’s just shrunk in comparison what it used … Continued