Forget The Valuable Free Stuff In The Future

The way bloggers operate feels like a charity organization, they write blog posts for free, and never once consider the option of monetizing the content they produce. I was a part of this category, as I was always passionately waiting to expand my audience enough, in order to “allow myself” to monetize. Forget that in … Continued

The never ending battle of: Short posts vs long posts

As an SEO and internet marketing professional I should be a nazi when it comes down to the length of articles. But as an artist only thing that is important to me, is making my piece. Who gives a damn about Google on personal blog? When I write on my very own personal blog, I … Continued

Mobile publishing and bringing your blog to a next level

Starting to treat my blog as a personal social network. Something I excerpt a lot of control over, unlike asocial networks, where I have 0 control. What made it doable Pressgram Perhaps it’s finally doable, unlike before. I am having high hopes on Pressgram, that will turn my WordPress website into Instagram-like photo sharing website. … Continued

Decluttering my work environment…

I am down to three devices instead of four. Sold my desktop and monitor. I had problems with thunderbolt port and compatibility with Samsung monitor. Seems like Apple ans Samsung are not going hand in hand even in that departement! So I didnt feel overly bad about it.  I am wondering does it have any … Continued