Be Weary Of @MarcEnsign Sharing Advice On Blogging

Be Weary Of Bloggers Sharing Advice On How To Blog Meet Marc Ensign. He is one of those people that are on the mission to save the interent. You know? One of those misguided lunatics that feel righteous enough to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. It’s fine, there are plenty of … Continued

My first days of blogging and how they've started

Back in 2006, I wanted to secure myself from my house members reading my diary. My first blog was anonymous version of online diary. This way I knew that house members would never find my most private thoughts. I remember writing sarcastic slurs for years on that wasted platform of local service provider. I didn’t … Continued

Impressive lessons from blogging with @bywordapp and iPhone

Ditching social media as my main channel of communication made me streamline my writing efforts. Now when I want to say something, I make sure to put the whole message across, instead of doing it half-ass, in a single 140 character effort Social media is filled with instant-gratification Blogging on the other hand requires more … Continued

How to easily follow 50 productivity blogs at the same time

So I’ve “cluttered” my RSS with a lot of blogs… I am pretty determined that I won’t be reading them all, but RSS is now effectively becoming my number 1 social network. Everything else is designed in order to ease the access of communication with readership. Created folder called “Productivity” and added all the people … Continued

Creating versus consuming

When living income is coming from the internet, the main sticking point that is preventing you from making ends meet is the fact that you are consuming way more than you are creating. Wether you are blogging, writing or doing social media, the biggest problems are distraction and irrelevancy. I know myself, I’ve spent way … Continued

Checking up on Productivity blogs from @Zenhabits list and found out that a lot of them are already dead

Trying to see all the blogs that are Darren and mine competitors, only to realize that most of them are already dead. They had some serious awesome content along the way, and I used to be afraid of them, and now they are gone. Blogging, like fitness, is all about persistence. And persistence in blogging, … Continued

Feature suggestion for @buffer

The feature I would really love Buffer to incorporate is to allow bloggers to schedule content in a retard friendly way. In a sense of queuing up your articles in WordPress, in a similar fashion that they are doing now with social networks. Am I the only one with a feature request like this one? … Continued

Thoughs on Optimizing the new blog

Just activated for newly found, and I am quite happy how this blog turned out. Thanks to (Blenderhead)[] and (Darnell)[] for recommending me this domain. I was blowing up my head on how to get it, and now I am doing some final touches. Seems I will be playing with templates and tweaking … Continued

Stoked about @pressgram are you?

Now that Pressgram came out, seems that WordPress really did become my personal social media and networking platform. Mind = Blown Finally, I can put it altogether, under a neat domain name, and enjoy the benefits of gathering page views and everything that goes with that. I am teaching my friends who want to be … Continued

Make your blog bigger than a social network

Kinda weird when everytime you want to publish, you just open up Byword. I mean I’am so used to using Byword as a long form writing tool, but this time around, I want to use it for shorter articles, almost like status updates, but they aren’t. So blogs are inherently going to become more social. … Continued