Productivity Tip For iOS7 updaters

Text Expander, Drafts and all other apps are going to break for a while in iOS7. If you value your productivity wait a little with the update. If you don’t want to break your workflow, reasonably the best time to update is when 7.0.1 comes out.

iPhone 5, specs, pricing and photo

Pretty impressed that iPhone 5S is coming with 64-bit computing integrated within itself, that is impressive in an of itself. The chip inside of it is called A7 and as mentioned is 64-bit. They claim it is twice as fast. While I don’t buy it, I pretty sure like the fact that it is coming … Continued

iPhone 5C pricing

The pricing of the iPhone 5C starts from 99$ with 2 year contract. Wondering how much it would go for without a contract? Cases cost 29$, and 32gb model is 199$. This is the ugliest iPhone so far if you ask me. It has A6 processor, the same one found in the current iPhone 5. … Continued

iPhone 5C designed for your kid?

iPhone 5C looks like iPhone for kids, I believe their aim is to make it appealing to teens and conquering the market they usually wouldn’t get the part of this. Think this is quite a smart move on Apple’s part. Colors seem nice, but I would feel like a child if I owned one of … Continued

News from Apple Live Event – iWork going free

Apple is reiterating new iOS7 stuff, which are basically already seen at WWDC previously this year. I am glad that iPhone 4 is getting updated to iOS7, but I am not sure will it work properly on the outdated CPU it has, with that small amount of RAM. If I was an iPhone 4 owner, … Continued