This year marks the biggest shift in my life so far, although I do not notice it. From each year ahead of me I usually expected more fun, more enjoyable time with as little work as possible. When I sum this year up, it was all about work. Greatest achievement according to my parents is that I've graduated. My own personal achievement that I will glorify in this year? I grew up and tailored my world, got a job and finally became independent.

All of that went with a cost, I have lost some muscle mas, I have lost some of my former shape. And my back hurts a little bit from all that sitting, BUT it's worth it, because it's for the sake of my future. You know how they say, work hard know and enjoy the benefits later.

I will summarize this year with more accuracy and I am about to set goal for 2011, and one the things that I am putting at the highest priority is productivity. Doing more, while working less and staying more organized. This will be enough of me for tonight… I am about to hit the bed and dream about how I am going to plan the next chapter of my life.

And I can only tell you, it's going to be even better year of my life than I could ever imagined it could be. Whats your year going to look like?