What do I think of this iPad? I really enjoy it, and Apple managed to sucker me into yet another device. Perhaps because it is new, it has that novelty factor, but it really grew onto me. So what should I do? It is a tax deductible, so it dumps down my profits, signfiicantly. But should I really spend it on that? Should I stick with my old one? The issue with the old one is selling it. I am here, kicking it off, writing for sure.
Whatever I say, I think this iPad is a good writing machine. The primary reason why I spent $1700 for this piece of shit, is so that I can lay down and create content. So content that I create makes it worthawhile, and if I start creating enough of this content while I am chilling, than it really will be worth it. I am also starting to realize that this is my new laptop, and I do like working on it, as well as spending time on it.
If that isn’t worth it, I don’t know what is! Creating content currently is probably the best thing that I can devote my time to. Putting the words out is probably the best way I can connect to others, and doing that completely passively. I remember when I was writing my first blog back in 2006, and I was getting people to read my stuff. And now it’s been 15 years or so, since I’ve published my first article, and I find that blogging became my unyielding habit, that this iPad is actually extrapolating, making it even more convenient, and of higher quality. I believe that this machine created some value that I didn’t have before, and that’s the capability to transform casual time, into productive time.
Ultimately I am rationalizing my emotional decision, and seems that it grew on me, so seems like I will hang on to it, and force myself to utilize the most out of it that I can.