When I see a website like ThinkProgress, my BullShit detector turns on, and I immediately discredit majority of the information that is coming from that source. Every time I find something that so staggeringly doesn’t fit my world view, I am highly alerted, and highly pay attention.
I often don’t find relevant information regarding the issues that we cover. This point in time, I am referencing the global warming. Global warming may be happening, however, it is not something that we can securely claim. I think that there is a lot of intellectual dishonesty amongst the scientists, and as scientific community is human in its own nature, and a recognized authority, we need to put ourselves in the position of the critical mind and do our own thinking.
There is this huge propaganda regarding the men made climate change. And it’s always coming from the liberal circles. My radar smells BullShit a mile away. It comes from the smell of it. And than I start to talk with people about it, and they are yelling like crazy, how it is very, very real.
And than I stop for a while, and think. These folks aren’t weather science experts, why are they so sure that what they claim is real. Did they live on this planet for 200 years ? No. So how come they are all of the sudden, climate experts.
Than I try to simplify things down to what I know. I know that, when plants are exposed to CO2, they convert it into oxygen. So if we were emitting increased amounts of CO2 into the air, wouldn’t the plants start generating more oxygen? It just makes sense on the purely mathematical level.
And than I revert to the 2013–2014 winter in Chicago. It is anything, but Global warming. It was horrendously freezing. Living in Chicago will transform right about anyone into a climate change denier, trust me. So cold in here, that during winter, politicians keep their hands in their own pockets.
So, by doing my own thinking, and refusing to listen to the media’s fear mongering, I can only deduce that majority of people that believe are smart, are just a bunch of intellectually challenged, well behaved dummies, that believe and think, what’s served to them. I’ve read it on the internet it must be true, type of crowd…
We gotta surpass these things, stop watching mainstream media propaganda, stop listening to the reputable radios and stop reading the newspapers.

Avoid Anything that propagates Fear

Fear is a weapon of mass control. Don’t be a sucker and succumbing to fear. And if we’ve fucked up planet so bad, we’ll also find a way to fix it. I can’t cry over a spilled milk of destroyed climate. If we did fuck it up, we will find a way to recover it. When the survival is in question, we quickly become very, very resourceful. It’s just a fact of the human nature.
So every time you hear about this man made climate change guilt tripping bullshit, just remember, we’re humans. We didn’t get this far by being stupid, but by being super cleaver instead. And even if something super bad happens, we’ve got some very smart brains to save the day. So don’t despair. Climate change, or not, we’re gonna figure it out!
Guilt is a powerful emotion, that is designed to regulate your behavior and control you. Don’t give in to guilt tripping of the politicians and pseudo scientists. Don’t let them control you, but instead control them. Force them to find a solution, without impeding your way of life. Live your life a little, because if we’ve fucked up the climate, like for real, than you don’t have a lot of time left anyway. You better start enjoying today 🙂