Now that Pressgram came out, seems that WordPress really did become my personal social media and networking platform.

Mind = Blown

Finally, I can put it altogether, under a neat domain name, and enjoy the benefits of gathering page views and everything that goes with that.

I am teaching my friends who want to be in the loop with me, to check up on my blog, instead of Facebook and other networks, because seems like the majority of actions will reside right here = HOME.

There is no place like home

And this is my personal home on the internet. It’s not, it’s not it’s simple Some people will think that I am paying way too much attention to my blog, but this is my center of expressionism, this is my online identity, under my full control. And I absolutely love it.

So give Pressgram a try, it’s worth it. Supports all the neat and cool features of Instagram, but allows you complete ownership of your photos, and complete rights. No more advertisers abuse. You control the whole thing!

Looking forward to see what will John come up with next. I am certainly voting for integration!