When I started playing around with Spotify I literally became impressed with the infinity of the music library, that feels like you own it. However there is minor friction point to my user experience that is the main reason blocking me to go with Spotify full time.

Despite the library being very rich, there is a draw back of not being fully implemented into the OSX and iOS, and never will be, as Apple is protecting it’s user experience and it’s own turf.

Here are things that will keep Spotify behind iTunes:

  1. Doesn’t work with Spotlight either on iOS or OS X.
  2. Microphone button on headphones is working with preconfigured functions that let me control iTunes in ways that I can’t control Spotify.
  3. Spotify doesn’t work with Siri on iPhone
  4. The Price – $25 / year vs $120 / year

Now this puts me in a uncomfortable position with my music, where I enjoy using both of the services. Yet they are offering me very different user experience. iTunes however will remain dominant music player because of all advantages it is offering to me.