I am following this trend of Social Media Consultants and Gurus for quite a while now. When I first wanted to jump into self promoting myself in this area, I thought, what the hell, I will get keyword optimized domain and run with the flow. When I checked it like half a year ago, there were 4 million web pages containing that phrase. Seems like everyones jumping on social media bubble and everyone wants their piece of cake. Now those keywords are matching up for 15 million web pages! Well guys I have to break your party and illusions, not everyone of you will get the work, especially not if you're blogging about it 24/7. It just ain't gonna happen.

Writing about Social Media won't help you get better at actually marketing stuff online. Also I see a lot of PR people with their fancy diplomas trying to get into the business with their politically correct angle of things that they've taught them at school. Let's put it like this. These folks talk too much, but contribute in small portions if any. We had personal experience in our company with few of those people, they just couldn't figure out the concept of money making on the web. If you are leading a business and thinking of boarding social media ship, reconsider when hiring someone new. Loads of these social media folks are there just to chit chat on Facebook and tell you what you need to do, without actually doing the work. Lots of theory, not that much of an actual work.

We're still in the middle of the social media explosion of workforce, especially with the crisis in the economy, so people who are left out from the job, think they can make a living, by tweeting and sharing facebook statuses.

My recommendation to all of you out there, that want to get their feet wet in social bog, just establish a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Leave it to some of your tech savy coworkers and see where it takes you from there. It's not worth it, hiring someone, just for the sake of hiring, cause these guys don't hold a magic pill, and on top of it all, most of them claim that. So what's the value you're getting out of it.

What you could do instead is hire someone who's doing internet marketing for quite a while and explain them how you want to set up your funnel and what you expect from social media. One of the first tips I say to people who I am working with is to shut down the comments on your Fanpage. Once it gets to big, there are going to be Troll attacks and spams, and you don't want to hire a person and waste all that money so it can react all the time on every single awkward thing that any prospect of fan can post. 

Best take on what you can get out of social media is to implement some of the widgets into your website and let the existing traffic to your website know that you have a Facebook page. Once you reach astonishing number of fans, than it's the time to see, what's the next step. Don't let anyone "sell you the balls for kidneys".