I haven’t stayed my lane, and I feel somewhat frustrated that I’ve spent years in digital marketing and web development, and haven’t spent years creating content and a personal brand.

Both things were hard, but these social media influencers get it so much better with the time. Getting paid in full up front is not always the best route. So I yearn for the fact that I want to go all in into content creation. Well not technically all in, but most of my personal working hours need to be directed towards content creation.

Why didn’t it happen for me to become a creator?

Immigrating to a new country and needing to figure out everything from scratch can be an interesting exercise. One that doesn’t really love the room for you to do additional content creation after working the whole day and spending time in traffic.

Youtube and being able to easily create video content requires a certain level of comfort in front of the camera, and I to this day do not feel 100% comfortable doing it, but I do find it possible for me to break through.

What now?

I still firmly believe that I can create great value through content. Even the systems I have been building have been doing well for me and others.

Now is the time to get into it. One thing that was holding me back was the fact that I felt self conscious being on camera. And the only thing holding me from succeeding is myself.

How will I do it?

I’ll devote the time and energy to build content creators habits. It will be more focused on showing up, and creating a few short form videos per day. There is no way that if I do not apply conscious effort into this, that I can fail. No offense, but majority of creators aren’t that great. Just showing up is 80% of the battle.