Writing as a solution to pretty much everything

I have this belief about writing, as long as I don’t stop smashing those keyboard buttons and try to synchronize my thoughts and words on the screen, something good is going to come up. It just has to, even if you are stupid.

Writing is learned skill, it’s nothing amazing, it’s just a set of the behavior that you need to master, and figure out how to have clear communication. But obviously writing is sought out skill, as not many people are willing to sit in front of the keyboard and word vomit like there is no tomorrow, until they are good at it.

And being good at anything is pretty much the matter of consistency and self discipline. That skill that I taught I have, or I do have, just need to get in the proper environment for it.

How my ego got a shot

This whole move to USA was a huge hit on my ego, I can’t seem to recover from it yet. I came here pretty much without a plan, as it took a lot from me, and I mean quite a lot, just getting here, so basically, since my day 1 here, I am heavily improvising, and gathering some great life experience, way outside of my comfort zone.

And that gave me an idea, writing an article on the lessons from moving to another continent. I think that the primary thing here is the reality check that I am going through, and also thinking on the feet. I am doing way more thinking now, than ever before, and I mean some big thinking.

When you lived without paying rent for the whole life and you took it for granted, it kinda evaporates as a cost in your mind, and than, you get to a new environment, your income is low and irregular, and there is a whole lot of mess going on, and you are out of contacts, out of resources and only thing that is presented to you are shitty dead end jobs, that you would never do. Thank God, I am not relegated into doing them, and that I have substantial education, knowledge and guts to do things that are uncertain, knowing that everything will come out in the wash.

Uncertainty is only defeated by rolling the dice, and you just keep shooting, adjusting and keep giving better shots, until you get it right.

Often times you will encounter distractions in your life, and people who allegedly want to “help you”, but their drama is true hindrance to your success. You have to learn to recognize those people and cut them out of your life. Wether those are bad clients, fake friends or other leechers, trying to squeeze out energy out of the people.

When in doubt

I have always looked for win-win-win scenarios in my life, but when in doubt my source code tells me to focus on myself. And that is exactly what I am doing, laser focus down on my priorities, and getting my life straightened out, and back on the right track.

When in doubt, the best thing you can do is think about your habits, and ignore everything that is not in your best interest. Having this luxury to walk away from everyone and everything, and knowing that you always have an opportunity to walk away from everyone and everything is what I take great pride in. I am not willing to bow down to anyone, or to be pushed into something where I feel uncomfortable. Nor should you. Never give up your power as a man. Plan ahead, and act responsibly.

The future the present and the numbers game

Now instead of a great future, I have a great present. A struggle to hassle, a struggle to create, because from this point onward, any problem I have, is in fact a first world problem. And I have world class first world tools at my disposal to help me solve all those. No excuses, just solutions. My dreams are within my reach, I just need to move myself, and keep playing the numbers game…

Only person that needs to realize those dreams is you.