Rushing through life robs you from genuine experience

It is my deep belief that rushing things robs your life from enjoying your work. Historically, and still to this day, I’ve been a person that was rushing to get to the next phase of my life. This changed, and now I am doing my best to focus on living in the present moment.

No time like right now

There is no better moment in life than right now, even when you are doing things that you do not like, it is still the best moment of your life, because it is happening right now. In order to achieve this level of presence, you will need to learn to detach yourself from the lifes outcomes. It means having a certain attitude of being able to diffuse your identity from the things that are actually happening in your life.

How I used to run away from “Right Now”

Previously I’ve used this difussion from reality a bit differently. I’ve used it in order to transition to the next point. I would completely shut off the current world, and I would call it a temporary reality, a transitioning point from where I was, to where I want to be. But as I was reaching clearly defined destinations, I’ve learned that I’ve been “living in the future inside of my mind”, as opposed to embracing that present moment. This is robbing you from much needed mindfulness.

Stay with the Pain

Read Fight Club, one of my favorite books. Remember that scene where Tyler Durden forces Jack to “stay with the pain”. Stay with the pain, OWN IT! That pain is the only thing you have. Nothing else truly exists.
Pain is good. As I am arriving to a point where I want to maximize every single moment of my life, I chose to feel the good and the bad. Ravel in it. For it’s only existence that truly matters.