There is simply to much noise in our lives. Cell phones, computers and most of the gadgets are made to help us be more productive, but most of us just end up being slave to distraction all of these tools provide, thus lowering our productivity instead. It's not only about distractions, we're also distracted by other peoples ideas. This is what is really holding us back, that kind of noise is killing us, because we are constantly exposed to fresh ideas, instead of focusing on our own thoughts.

In order to tap into massive creative potential of your brain you need to unlock it. How do we do it? Whenever you start a change in your life there will be tons of people to drag you down, they might be your closest friends or even parents. This is the noise of social conditioning, where every other person knows what's best for you, but biggest problem of advice from other people is that it's subjective and created according to their reality. I am really strong headed person, quite often I made bad choice, but I can't say I regret it, it was my choice and it was my lesson. If you constantly listen advice of other people, you will eventually loose confidence and your decision making power will drop and you will eventually depend on other people, rather than other way around.

Taking charge of your life starts with baby steps, you start deciding where you will land your next step. Stop asking for permission, give yourself permission and keep giving it to yourself. Allow yourself to be whatever you want to be, by taking the choice and being on your own path. Don't let other people tell you to do things that don't make YOU happy. Awaken yourself, don't be blind sheep who follows advice of common thought. Don't be afraid to be different! Because if you do what everyone else is doing, your results will be like that. Wake the fuck up!

If you decided to become your best self, yourself from your dreams, than it's time to take responsibilities for your own actions and take that burden of carrying yourself. It's small shift in thinking from being a follower to being a leader. Not everyone can do it, because not everyone realizes the importance of independent thinking. It's though part to start, because it's going to be painful for most of the people that were asleep for most of their lives, because they got into habit of allowing others to think for them.

If you really want to grow, you will need to shut down the noise, go trough the pain period and think for yourself. Think hard, because if you let other people do it for you, you won't be person from integrity and you will be the part of the herd and just another mediocre individual.