I will disseminate these blog posts to my shortlist of tech friends and curate other lists by utilizing SendInBlue. Now that I am operating this blog on Open Source WordPress and feel more comfortable about tackling any topic, this will be my nirvana and help me stay connected through open-source protocols.

This is essentially connecting me to my peer groups, helping me grow my audience, all while avoiding social media. Social media used to be my cancer, and I still may be struggling with Twitter and Instagram as quick dopamine fixes, but ultimately, curating this blog and its ease of use will transcend me from short-form content consumption to long-form content creation. Or at least longer than the tweeting kind of agreement.

So if you’re reading this, the chances are that I know you personally or that we’ve been engaging online for quite a while. In this newsletter, I will be updating you with the core projects I am working on, giving you a glimpse of what’s going on in my business life and many other cool things that I will do.

No Social Media FOMO

Social media vs. Email community. When it comes to social media, there is this constant pressure to be present not to miss anything. With email, it’s quite different, and it’s permission-driven. People engage with your emails because they find them worth a while. So one of the main things that I will do with these email lists and audiences is to curate the content carefully.

One of my thoughts is how to connect Google Spreadsheets that I will use for list curation with SendInBlue. At the same time, I do lean toward utilizing Google Workplace for our business activities. While I tried using NextCloud and alternatives, I still find myself leaning back to Google Sheets, even over Excel and other spreadsheet software. And the fact that I can automate parts of the workflow via Zapier, and have Sheets shoot emails from tabs into dedicated SendInBlue lists, makes me quite happy.