Okay, so at this very moment I am inspired to write. But I already published a blog post about blogging. This is the second one of those posts. And instead of publishing them one by one, you should use the fact that WordPress allows you to easily publish posts automatically. You gotta love that function. Now this is a personal blog of mine. I have no intention of making it professional. I remember back in those days of 2006, when I had no idea on what SEO is. My quality was way superb compared to what I am producing right now.
But back than I was young adult, who had way different view on the world. It’s not that my world view today is different, it’s just that it’s made so it doesn’t offend anyone. Back than, I didn’t care pretty much about that, plus I was being smarty anonymous pants.  I felt the freedom to express myself to the fullest extent. Now the topic of this post is scheduling. Use the inspiration periods to push out your quee. I never ever do it. It takes me to much of my time to write a profesionally written article for Alpha Efficiency. It’s such a pain in the ass, to edit the article, to fix the grammer. To fix the styling. It’s a company, it’s a business. And with this blog I don’t want that.

I just wanted liberated, opinionated thoughts, thrown out there for everyone interested to see. If I ever SEO this blog, it’s going to be done in the batch, not while I am writing. I am not going to overly care either about Google, nor Bing. Only thing that I am going to focus on this blog is to consistently push out different content.
Is this rant a little bit? Might be, but it’s also a proof that I can still do what I like, and don’t feel overly bad about it. Blogging should be about freedom. I already stated on my “profesionally written” blog, that any norms and guidelines that you make, are just going to hinder you down. Keep yourself up. Express yourself and take responsibility for everything you wrote.
See you when this post comes out live!