My vision of Saturday evening relaxation is being laid back reading my RSS feeds on Feedly and writing articles. There is huge enjoyment in creatively expressing oneself. This kind of “past-time” enhances my sense of overall online connectedness with the digital realm.
The best digital writing happens when you are in the relaxed state of mind and when you can let your mind loose itself in the random words and thoughts. Because I don’t have any particular agenda, I feel comfortable “hustling” any kind of words.
Over the course of time I’ve realized how much thought stream type of writing helped my focused writing efforts. I keep the deep entrenched belief that writing is very therapeutic, and helps me better construct my targeted content crafting efforts.
In order to have my mind optimal when it comes to focusing on any particular topic, I need to let it roam loose and wild, so it can have the necessary artistic freedom. If I don’t let it roam free, than when I need it focused, it will hard to “catch” and “keep in one place”.