I am really excited about my new sPhone. This is my first Android based cell phone and so far I have concluded several things and gained a lot of ideas. Let's face it, it's huge phone, but on the other note, it can fit in my pocket, because it's really thin. It's display is in my opinion one of the best out there. So let's start this review.

I will start with most important thing about phone. How it deals with phone calls:

+ Quality of sound is better than my old N95 8gb Nokia on both ends. Beating Nokia where it excels is something that is quite an accomplishment for Korean's. This is huge plus, because beside buying high tech piece of equipment, I also bought a phone, and sPhone is completely up to that task. 

– When I turned on the gMail sync, it stripped all 1700 contacts from my mail client. It wouldn't be a problem if it had good search function, which it doesn't, so I have problems accessing my contacts. This can be avoided probably with some android app that manages contacts, but initial reaction was frustrating.

HardWare performance:

+ sPhone is toe to toe with processor strength with best smart phones out there. It has okay 8 gigabytes, which makes it good competitor to iPhone 4. Although it doesn't have a hard drive, it's not something that holds it back.

+Great multi touch touch screen. It's user friendly, if I compare it to i-Series it's behind by small %.

– Plastic – I would prefer to have aluminium phone or some metal casing, this way it feels kinda cheap. Doesn't have the robustness of iPhone.


+ Main reason why I didn't jump the iPhone bandwagon is because of it's closed source policy. I am great fan of openness. When I pay for my hardware I really do want to do with it, whatever I want. And I want to keep it that way! Android platform is offering me full capabilites.

– ADDS, every free application out there is spamming with adds. They are taking too much space in my opinion and pull out too much attention. This is what I am going to cover in the rest of the topic.

– Privacy – if you have important data that you don't want Google to know, than you shouldn't be buying Android. If RIM had better software and that was more open, I would probably go Black Berry. Google is having privacy issues, just as Facebook does lately. Letting Google check my cell phone is not my strategy for the long run. I am not concerned about it now, so I am going in for a privacy raid for free functionallity.

About Android Platform:

Google started new trend and started to catch up on it's competitors. We all know mobile web is reallity today. We as people are starting to spend more and more time online on our phones. Facebook is trying to catch up with it's own telephone… But let's face it, Google with HTC at the moment is slaughtering the market. More and more people are viewing at their phones with Google eyes. That's tremendous marketing platform, where Google is serving their ads.

They also deployed huge man power of developers and offered everyone an opportunity to earn some bucks by constantly developing free software which serves ads. What I don't like about those ads, is that they are consuming out bandwith, which ain't cheap in Serbia. By doing this and by doing it first they are pioneers in mobile advertising.

I will definitely look way more into mobile advertising. Considering that smart phones are owned by upper middle class it's something that most of the marketers should focus on. That is where the future money is. I also didn't see any Facebook ads in the picture of apps, that's revenue lost right there… Let's see how this mobile struggle will turn out.