Watching a documentary on Nazis. To think humans were capable of doing mass murders just 68 years ago, doesn’t give peace to my soul. My common sense tells me that some evil corporate sociopath could repeat the eugenic butchery over innocent population without any remorse over his crime what so ever. Human mind is still sick, and large population still has no way of understanding what is going on “on their watch”.

US population and its education is at horrible level, and critical thinking at the all time low. Education is further watered down for the purpose of control over the masses. We could classify this as voluntary dumbification of consumers. How did this happen at this scale is beyond me.

With recent NSA privacy breaches, US establishment doesn’t differentiate itself from totalitaristic regimes, and propaganda is obvious and in daylight, without people criticizing it. Complacency is omnipresent and any disagreement with the current state of affairs is masked with the “nobelty of political correctness” that is robbing this country of common sense.

Right now, we are at the stage, where new complacent generations are being raised, and they will accept everything. Complete totalitarian transition won’t happen immediately, it takes time, and it is gradual process, my wild guess is that it will take around 30 years. After that, the whole constitution will just be a legend, with all “God’s given rights” will just be a fleeting memory.

Remember, the great Rome was a republic for 500 years, before it turned into a totalitarian empire. Historia magistra vita est.

The so called “fourth branch of government” Is overshadowing the separation of powers, and is assuming the complete control over this nations way of functioning.

Secret courts, no process, and drone committees are putting absolute power in the hands of the few. And we know, that absolute power, corrupts, ABSOLUTELY.