Gotta get serious with micro-blogging. Yea, I am hurt a bit, but can’t allow their Cultural Marxism to limit me, or allow them to use my social media addiction to curb my progress.
Social media networks are designed to get you addicted. It’s the flicking of the finger on the iPhone’s glass. It’s the novelty in the sea of crap. It’s a lot of time wasted searching for the information I don’t really need. It’s like reverse Google. And it’s coupled with some narcissism so they can shove down some ads down my throat. And I ain’t having it!
If I can’t have a perception of mingling with people, and having my voice minimally heard, without getting shadow banned, than I am not gonna stay. Ideologically.
But boy it feels like getting off crack. It’s one of those shadow activities. One of those that I just do without even thinking about it! I mean, you know I didn’t truly leave it, I don’t care about it nearly as much. That’s why this blog post came to life. Because I didn’t waste time on Twitter.