The Cons Of Reading Too Much

The hunger for knowledge is important, and yet I find myself procrastinating with too much reading, instead of too much writing. That is the difference between the producer and a consumer. The way they spend their time. All of my reading is giving me the added benefit of easily getting inspired, but than again, it costs me way to much time in order to make it happen.

The Pros of Reading Too Much

And perhaps as well it creates a cognitive bias, because of the world lens it gives me. But overall, I find my binge reading good. Some people open up their Facebook newsfeed, but instead of that I open up Instapaper and Reeder. There are always awesome things to read and share, that expand my consciousness.

Stimulating The Creation Process

My most important habit needs to be writing. My ultimate goal is to live off my written words, have a large audience of people who can benefit from the things I suggest and recommend. And this might not be a fast process, but as long as I stick to it daily, it is what I will eventually become.

The iPhone publishing

A lot of things happen on my iPhone, and even writing is getting there (like this article), so ultimately my creation process will just feel like long form texting with my audience: you!