After spending an entire day on a computer, the last thing I want to do in the evening is to sit in front of the computer again. Being the compulsory addict to technology, the least amount of engagement is mandatory for my psychological well being, hence I spend evenings on my smartphone. How very exciting! However, as I’ve re-started using Evernote for writing, I’ve actually managed to get awful lot of things done. Funny thing is that once you realize how much you can cohesively produce in an evening, your thoughts start to be way optimistic again, especially on the things you can do in the future.
The funniest of all is the fact that I completely lost myself in the endless, enjoyable work, and I haven’t stopped writing pretty much the whole evening. Action breeds competence. Competence breeds confidence. And with confidence you can do everything.
Considering that thanks to predictive keyboard I can dish out ungodly amounts of work, I am imagining that my business can be done mostly on the cell phone, outside of the time devoted to my day Job. We are in the era of mobile publishing.