In fact I am taking the time to write again, and I don’t see myself doing this, if I was still mindlessly flickering through the timeline. There is a great sense of pride with the new change, as it makes life a more enjoyable & productive one.
I don’t recall seeing myself, sitting in front of the laptop in a very long time. Being a couch warrior is not admirable. Being a blogger is actually pushing you in a minority of people that are privileged enough to be able to devote a chunk of time, to create meaningful and articulate thoughts.
Anyone can write a tweet, but not everyone can formulate a coherent article. I am yet to win this game in accordance to my own standards.
With this newfound freedom to create, I will be able to devote more time to becoming a better writer. This is one of my primary dreams. It falls into the realm of solitude that I’ve been neglecting, by constantly interacting with others on the “matrix”.