I remember that back in the day I was hyper focused on making my mobile blogging setup “just right”, but in the end my mobile blogging efforts would fall short.
These days I find myself posting a few short posts every day, as an extension of my tweets. Doing more of a long form writing is providing more of a context to the reader, instead of just a short snarky or clever snippet.
Couple of years ago, when commute traffic would exhaust all the life out of me, I would consider this kind of content production as well as publication impossible. There was always a dose of insecurity in publishing my thoughts publicly, as I was imposing all sorts of quality criteria on myself.
I am glad that I’ve reached a point where my writing practice brought me to a point where I write and publish in one streak. As this practice allows me to share my thoughts and notes in a more direct manner, and I have a staggering amount of thoughts, that writing seems like the best medium to share them in real time. I’ve achieved my goal, and that feels good.