I’ve been following closely the number of likes and comments both candidates are earning lately, and Romney is in big lead. Obama certainly does win with the fan count number, but it doesn’t matter jack dirt, if it’s status updates generate substantially less likes and comments.
On occassions Obama’s status harness tremendous number of likes, but it is nothing compared to what Romney does with three times less fans. Engagement is critical for the viral marketing, and I believe that these elections are ran on social media and unlike previous elections, they are generating massive results for Republicans in this race.
Quite frankly this seems as a pretty tight and impressive marketing war, ran by some really professional people. But unlike previous years, politics in America touched the rock bottom, as it is based on slandering the opponent, more than displaying the causes and good deeds that they are about to do.
Obama campaign is more vocal and vulgar in about the opponent, but I think it’s backfiring on him, as he is revealing Romney’s name to a large auditorium, where he would otherwise remain unknown. Second reason why I think it backfires on him is the fact that he didn’t deliver any results, and that people remember in their hearts, that no matter how stupid Bush was, you were living better off under him.
Years of following politics in my country gave me some idea on what elections carry. And never in my life have I’ve seen this level of resentment from the people towards their own president, not even in my own country. And that does not smell good at all.