Shorter posts are easier to write, and in return, you will be able to publish more frequently. On the other hand longer posts provide more value.
We’ve seen countless short form blog posts, as the likes of Seth Godin and Gruber from Daring Fireball. Now my thoughts are streamlined towards the visibility in the social media.
As I am becoming Triberr evangelist, and I don’t want to rely on Google to determine the outcome of my blogs traffic. For the time being Alpha Efficiency is pulling 90% of it’s traffic through Google search results.
I might be lucky, as all the SEO is jumping at each Google algorithm update, but what if one day that algorithm is going to wipe me off the search engines? I don’t want to take my chances, and as a smart investment I’ve decided to go on the route of diversifying the traffic sources to my blog.
And my instinctive approach to this was various different social media channels. And social media requires frequent updates. If we follow Dan Zarella’s advice, that most visibility per update is accomplished if we post every other day, than our solution to the issue would be approximately posting 1–2 times per day.
Regarding the length of the content, I would aim for at least 150 to 250 words, as they will carry some SEO value. As opposed to the current “golden rule” of 500 to 750 words, that most bloggers follow.
Frequency plays an important role in the developing internet, and from the marketers point of view, seems that it’s time to forget about the length of the articles.