Today I’ve been left at the scrutiny of the Illinois maltreatment of the immigrants. This fiasco is a consequence due to the fact that I am in my interim paperwork process with the USCIS and my green card is expired. Immigration guys sent me the lousy piece of paper, claiming that I am “ok”, despite the fact that my card expired, leaving me in the limbo with the Illinois secretary of the state.
These kinds of inconveniences and unpleasantries are ridiculous, considering the fact that we have people on fiancé visas entering the country and committing terrorist acts in the name of Allah, while law abiding, tax paying residents receive the second class citizen treatment. Immigration is terribly wrong in USA, by making it harder for those that can, while making it simple and easy for terrorists to get in.
This doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not the fault of the system, as I am not the only person that goes through this problem. This is done on purpose, to discourage anyone capable and productive from entering the country, while the government further diminishes the value of the middle class, by importing cheap labour. That’s not what America is all about.