Respect, and enjoy the peace

November 20, 2021

by Bojan

How I imagine my data stored on the Alpha Cloud

October 31, 2021

by Bojan

My favorite photos of September 2021

September 13, 2021

by Bojan

Entering Metaverse: Minting First NFT on OpenSea

This one is going to be a part of the larger collection of my own photos. In this photo I am in my usual pose, holding a smartphone, merging with the rest of the humanity from the palm of my hand. The ...

September 5, 2021

by Bojan

Lake and the duck

August 29, 2021

by Bojan

Nobody Permits The King But The King

August 21, 2021

by Bojan

Good morning

August 4, 2021

by Bojan