I don’t remember that I was ever blogging this much, this quickly. Before, when I was writing mostly for Alpha Efficiency, there was too much of an inner critic.

I would freak out. Publishing would make me feel embarrassed and judged. If it wasn’t perfect, it shouldn’t go out. And then I would feel stuck. I would feel like I am not good enough to publish these ideas.

And we slashed over 200 blog posts I wrote, pouring my heart into them. And it was hard work. We just removed them from the site, because they didn’t respond to the SEO needs of the company. Website changed, and so did its content.

This allowed me to start blogging on my personal website. And there is no inner critic anymore. This website is a mix up of my notes, done publicly. And that is empowering. Also, it is hard that many people will come here and read it, but just knowing that it is out there for people to access, makes me feel good about it.

How Design Gave Me Confidence?

I had this personal website for a long time, but until my team did a makeover, I didn’t feel comfortable publishing on it. And that’s that perfectionsit in me. But now, that I am feeling proud, it really helps me to remove that inner doubt and self criticism. When you have the value behind you, and you feel confident in the perception that you are creating, then you will end up making more content. More content, means more eye balls, and more eye balls, means more revenue…

This is how vanity can sometimes shut people down. They can bash themselves into believing that they are not good enough. And removing that one obstacle is going to remove friction from creating. And creation is where it’s at.

Impact of Design on Sales

This is even bigger impact. You know, when you are building websites, and you are as hyper critical as I am, you end up taking a super long time to get the website done. We spent around 500 hours for Alpha Efficiency, and because we’ve made so many complicated design decisions that were super hard to execute, and then I scrutinized every possible detail of that design, from Figma all the way to code.

But nowadays, prospect ask us about the site, and want to have something similar. Our website is doing sales on its own. And I always have some iterations of it, and improvements on the things that I didn’t have an idea for at the time. It is not easy to be so self critical, because you have that performance anxiety. Web design company needs to have the decked out design.

But it’s not just web design companies, it is pretty much everybody. Any business can benefit from portraying their content and arguments in a beautiful format.

I’ve been saying this to prospects and clients countless times. When we got the current iteration of our site design, our pricing doubled, and frequency of our work accelerated as well. I know that design is working, because we are getting feedback from our clients, and from clients of our clients, that they absolutely love the design.

The reason why they love it, is not because my graphic artist team is producing art, but because we are producing a function. And function is fostering trust, and trust is the primary driver of sales!

Closing Thoughts

Investment into a design is never a waste, if you have a good team backing you. While design is very personal, we pick and choose people that like our work. I don’t like people that want to argue over the design, and it will never work to its full capacity if you can’t generate fans of your work.

Alpha Efficiency has almost a signature design that matches the latest trends. People think we have a signature taste to it, but it is definitively not the case.