Realization that you are already there, you are already pro, you are enough. What more do you need in order to convince yourself that you are the next step of evolution of yourself. There are no more obstacles necessary in order for you to move forward, because you’ve already arrived at your destination. Everything you do right now, is all about sales.
There is no more need for ego glorification, there is no more need to prove anything to anyone. All of that has been done already. All you need to do now is to touch and change lives of people around the globe. All the tools you need are here in your very hands. From this moment on, you just need to work. What more empowering do you need? There are millions of problems out there, millions of human beings with difficulties. You are speaking from the top now! There are no obstacles in your way. Just start walking Bojan. The glory is in your every step.

Permissions beyond obsolete

How many times I’ve been waiting for the permission? Countless times, I’ve been waiting for somebody to enable me the “writing rights”, something that will put in the position of a recognized individual, that has a right to write. The only thing I forgot is that I am that person who needs to permit myself. That was the biggest hardship of my productivity. I was waiting for some higher power to drop by and let me work. To grant me the almighty idea that is worthy of the world. While I was forgetting that all my ideas are worthy of work. And that more I work, the better and more plentiful ideas come to my mind.
Once I’ve escaped this prison, I came to the notion that I am where I am supposed to be, and that there is no more time to wait, there is only time for action. And time to hit the Publish button.