Perception is everything, and numerous things in life are happening simply because people believed that what they thought was real was actually real. Belief and reality have a strong correlation, as often times our beliefs manifest themselves into the reality. You could say that reality has a belief bias, making our thoughts come true, based on our previous thoughts.
But in order to make things happen you need to align multiple perceptions, before you actually become. From one perception to another, this alignment shift needs to be backed by reality.
As beliefs of others change, so your own beliefs need to change in order to leave a lasting effect on who you are, and how you will live. The way you treat yourself is impacting the way you perceive yourself. Ultimately everything begins and ends with you.
But not all perceptions are made equal. There is a right role for the right time, and who you are is a moving target. You need to adjust to the environment the same way chameleon changes its color in order to blend in.
There are many ways to succeed, but this one is making you go beyond the stern ego, empowering you go be more than just yourself, empowering you to be, whoever you want to be.