If you venture to #MoneyTwitter, you will notice how simple certain things are. There are rebels out there, that are not confirming to 9 to 5, and were grown in this kind of environment into a full financial independence.

Being an entrepreneur means knowing what to invest in. Even though investments are much smaller, personal, go on one to one level, these people are still making it much bigger than those that relied on traditional education and a salary.

Information asymmetry is a real challenge, and people that sell certainty in an uncertain world are the ones that make it. This is what modern day entrepreneurs that are rising to power currently do.

Being satisfied with a salary is only plausible if you don’t have enough experience to start your own digital venture. Only people with no ambition, and no capacity to manage the risks are the ones that are going to live ordinary lives.

You see, running a business is not that hard, but it does require a good deal of experience and direct investment into knowledge. But above all, an attribute of a business owner means assessing the risks.

In 2021, 2022 and beyond, the highest risk in life is not taking a risk at all.