What would Bojan do? I feel so far away from myself, that I am trying to go back to my old self and ask for an advice. What would I do. How would I approach my life, as if I was myself again.

Luckily I can still reflect on how I used to think, and I can still keep calm on the path that I choose for myself, without loosing my CORE, without loosing my own sanity and identity. Need to focus on the small victories, day in and day out.

Listen to Electro, move in to the city groove and being very very physically active. And I need to live in the moment, not to worry so much. Think I worry too much. It’s fully understandable that I am on the new continent and that I am paranoid on what will happen next, but I need a serious bump in the positive mental attitude.

But my outcome is quite positive. I promise myself I am not going to stray from my own vision…