How often do you practice it? Do you have a disciplined routine? Often do I wonder how people with no discipline make it. One thing I’ve noticed is that social skills trump hard perseverance and dedication For many people in the west. People that work the hardest are also the ones that got overlooked quite often. And I am not very fond of that sad pattern that I’ve noticed through the past 10 years being in the workforce.
While a combination of soft skills and durable work ethics bravado does encompass a successful career, rarely the same person posses both. Me somewhat lacking the social aspect of success was compensated through perseverance and work ethics.

Struggle To Control

This led me to become a big fan of discipline. Discipline is a combination of motivation and a habit. Motivation is enjoyable, while habits are effortless. My whole life was dedicated to perseverance against adversity and building discipline. Majority of the anxiety and stress I used to face came from the efforts to control the outcomes of life that I couldn’t control. Most thoughts projected themselves to become a tangible reality.
Most of my stern attitude came from my dad, who always thought that his viewpoints are the end all be all of how life works. This made me rigid, and I always thought that me being internally stern and strict was something that brought the results. This was especially manifesting itself in work life, but it would overlap into personal affairs as well.
But reality is that we have little control of things. Day by day decisions don’t matter as much as the aggregate of your overall data. Pristine results are accomplished by perseverance, but you don’t need to sacrifice your entire life and self to accomplish big things. This is a limiting belief imposed to you by people that want to extract your life’s essence.

Guiding Thoughts That Made Me Grow

In my life guiding document called Source Code, I’ve dedicated a sentence to clarify that we are making decisions every single second, and inquired of myself: “What did I decide?” Amplifying this internal reminder of my goals, ambitions, and dreams.
I’ve always been on the intersection of the future and the now, constantly balancing between the present moment, and making the moves of the desired future. This happens by constantly having big goals in mind, this way you don’t lose sight of the destination.

The Mindset Leap

Exploding into the entrepreneurship was the biggest mindset transformation that took me 10 years to reach. Only by having massive success at my previous job roles did I come to the realization that, yes, I can do this. Every entrepreneur is taking a chance.

Optimism as the Guiding Force

But for someone as rigid as I am, who constantly worries about the future, the most important thing is that I’ve learned to relax. Entrepreneurs need to be optimistic. Optimism is a guiding element of success because without it we can not succeed.
A huge reason why I think I didn’t progress as fast as I wanted, was due to the fact that I had toxic people around me that didn’t believe in themselves and radiated that energy onto myself.


My desire to write this piece is to inspire people to think beyond the norm of what is imposed on them. The truth of success is grounded in both smart work, good talent as well as social skills. These things need to work together for a healthy growth and an environment where you can expand.