There was a case here in the States that brought a lot of controversy over it’s relations to LGBT population. The bakery that refused to serve Gay Wedding because of religious beliefs.

Even though I am famous for slamming institutionalized religion, I encourage religious freedoms, because that is what made USA the greatest country in the world. Once you start closing down businesses over the right of the minority group that specifically objects to ceremony’s of certain type, your are giving “one up” to Christian institutions to scream oppression and call their followers once again on “persecution of Christians” and make the whole lot of them the righteous martyrs.

I know that atheists in USA and LGBT evangelists are screaming from joy, but these events are further alienating people from each other, and serve no purpose what so ever. Especially in this though economy, where jobs are scarce. Getting someone out of business just because somebody got offended is ridiculous and un-american.