750 words, once again… I am lost even between the dates. I am writing this in order to feel more productive as if I did something.
Actually I did awesome thing today, I have reinstalled my phone. And I am content, but I am also radiated by the phone. There are quite a bunch of stuff that I need to do. Like move the remainder of the stuff to my place.
Sylvia is coming to my place finally and that’s not an easy transition. Actually it’s quite a hard one, but brings many positive changes with itself. I always have that feeling when I reinstall my phone, that I do not need an iPhone.
Which is good, because I won’t have one any time soon. Software is developing rapidly. The landscape and usage of your phone become quite different on monthly basis. Updates all over the apps, iOS or Android you name it, but people are contributing.
My father sent me this article from Wiki Leaks leak, where USA is sending a depeche on what they are thinking about Serbia. I can’t believe it’s that accurate, these guys actually listen. Such a great insight that even we locally can confirm is extremely accurate, to a point where you get worried.
It talks about how people of Serbia, especially young people do not want to work. They also have insight in a way of Serbian mentality and how we are expecting from the government to make us a job. While that is partially true if we compare to other countries, I see from which perspective Americans are thinking about it.
I got approved on a lecture for Blog Open, they allowed me to talk about Gadgets, in all likeliness, because it’s hype topic.
Today I was the biggest procrastinator, I was sitting aimlessly on the computer for whole day basically. I did a couple of great stuff, went through my to do list and organized it, left everything for later. Better for later than for never, and completed a task which will make me feel way better starting tomorrow.
I won’t need to be frustrated with my phone to an extent where I will pray for iPhone on daily basis. It was quite an endeavor, which I won’t be looking when I make the switch, but at the current rate with the current resources, it is how it is.
Situation in this country is quite tragic. I was talking with one of my negbourgh today and came to a conclusion that the public room that was being used as a drier for laundry on the level of the building has apparently been occupied.
It all started with some government official, person with a seat in national assembly, that got into that, got a license from the municipality and renovated the place and sold it shortly after.
I can’t blame those people who bought it, they didn’t know that. Nor we can blame the guy who resold it, he just wanted his money back for not that worthy investment. But who is going to reimburse us, the inhabitants of the building?
Lots of weird stuff are happening in this sad country, outside forces are trying to guide is into working and mentality where work is something that we need to take proud in. While we, people of Serbia, are quite strong in the belief that it isn’t normal to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
And if you look at me, I am exaclty like that. Hence I am writing about productivity ecosystems, where you can “cheat” time and actually get things done, without procrastinating and wasting minutes.
Because those minutes add up, and during your lifepsna, they turn into hours and later on days… Weeks… Those moments can lead to early retirement. That’s at least my goal. We aren’t born to work, we are born to live actually. And there is no worse thing in life that can happen to you, than working the job you hate, more than time you can afford.
Is it really life than ? Getting yourself in the position where you are in a state of constant boredom of 8 hours + every day? Yes I am very capable person, but my creative side, doesn’t allow me to dumbify myself to death. It certainly isn’t an option, unless my survival depends on it, which kinda sounds counter intuitive.
Bringing value after all isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart. In my company there isn’t going to be a focus on hard work, but rather on the results.
The more I think, the more it becomes obvious to me, that I am born for sales…