There is a great joy for me in being controversial. Frankly speaking my whole life has been very controversial and it still is. Even though I don’t care what kind of image I project, when it comes to internet there are all sorts of internal and imaginary blocks that are preventing me from talking about politics, personal attitudes and similar topics that create so much heated debate.

And over the course of time I’ve decided that I want to avoid those topics. Ultimately I will not change anybodies opinion, and the only effect will be the emotional usurpation of people that think differently. I can confess that this took some joy of online arguing out of my life. However what I dislike, is the fact that it negatively influenced my publishing consistency, as it increased the volume of other critiques.

How do I return to more frequent publishing schedule without the fear of pain or external criticism? My biggest desire is to overcome this internal hardship, just by breaching it and crushing it internally by doing it.